About us

MG Windward Trading LLC was founded in 2021 after the owner, Rachel Grossi, finally made her dream come true and started her own company with the mission of creating the best holistic healing products at an affordable price.  

Rachel is a lover of all things St. Lucia, and has been conducting business there for many years.  While on a trip, Rachel shared that she suffered from Fibromyalgia which was being managed by many medications that weren't very effective, and she had many instances of flare-ups that severely impacted her life.  She was introduced to a local sea moss farmer so that she could learn about sea moss and see if perhaps it could help make her fibromyalgia more manageable.  

After a few short weeks, Rachel was able to stop taking all medications.  She stopped having fibromyalgia flare-ups and was able to become more active, become pain free, and jump full force back into life.  Within a few months, after intense learning, she started MG Windward Trading LLC and began selling sea moss on Etsy.  

While there is lots of competition in the Sea Moss industry, Rachel has spent vast amounts of time and money perfecting her patented recipe, ensuring that only the most pure and highest quality ingredients are used while also understanding the chemistry of sea moss itself.  Most companies prioritize profit, whereas it is our mission to ensure that everyone can afford the gift of holistic healing.  

Today, MG Windward Trading LLC sells their products on Etsy under the name LucianSeaMossCo., Amazon, all social media platforms, as well as directly to many retail outlets around the world.  We also manufacture gel products for 12 other companies who sell sea moss around the world.  With over 500,000 customers served and an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars, you can be confident that you're making the best decision for your health to become a member of our sea moss family, with over 100,000 continuous repeat customers.  



There is so much bad information out there about sea moss gel, written and promoted by companies that sell their products who have created a false narrative. There is no FDA oversight on Sea Moss Gel, and we are trying to change that due to the overwhelming number of companies that do things the wrong way. Here's what set us apart from the bad guys:

1) IF YOUR GEL IS ARRIVING COLD, IT IS OLD STOCK AND POOR QUALITY! Most companies can't keep up with how labor intensive making sea moss gel is. There is no machine that makes it if it's real sea moss, and it has to be made by hand. Because of this, companies make their stock ahead of time and freeze it or keep it refrigerated. They pull their orders from this old stock, which means you're getting old gel. We make ours fresh for your order and immediately ship it. Since it wasn't cold in the first place, and it's fresh, it just needs to be refrigerated upon receipt. You will only get fresh and high quality sea moss from us.

2) WE USE REAL WILD HARVESTED SEA MOSS TO MAKE OUR PRODUCTS! Most companies use wildcrafted, or man-made sea moss to make their gel. You can tell because their gel is always the same texture. Real sea moss varies in texture and color, and you will never get the exact same jar of gel twice when real ingredients are used. We can provide certification to prove we use real sea moss to make our products. Additionally, to save money most other companies add heat to their sea moss to make their gel which allows them to use less moss to make more gel to increase their profit margins. Adding heat to sea moss diminishes the minerals and produces a very low quality product. It creates a consistent thick texture every single time, but it's doing nothing for your health. We never add heat and keep it pure.

Most companies use syrups, dyes, artificial ingredients, and tons of sugar to make their gels taste great. They lie and say they don't and get away with it because there is no FDA oversight. We don't do that, and the way you can tell is that it's not going to taste amazing like Welch's Jelly and Jams. It never should. Sea moss gel is not supposed to be a tasty treat. This is the BIGGEST problem in our industry and how we separate ourselves from the competition. You will feel better taking our gel opposed to others.

Join us to help stop the misinformation of sea moss products and to stop the companies who produce a terrible product from doing business.
There are some good guys out there, but they are becoming harder to find every day because consumers are falling for the "sharks". Feel the difference by trying real sea moss. Know the difference by reading the information contained within our listings.