Aloe Vera Infused Organic Sea Moss Gel
Aloe Vera Infused Organic Sea Moss Gel
Aloe Vera Infused Organic Sea Moss Gel
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Aloe Vera Infused Organic Sea Moss Gel

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Aloe vera gel has many health benefits, including:
  • Digestive health
    Aloe vera may help with digestion and gastrointestinal issues like constipation, indigestion, and acid reflux. It can also increase colon mucus excretion and has laxative qualities.
  • Hydration
    Aloe vera gel is 99% water, so it has hydrating properties.
  • Blood sugar control
    Aloe vera can help manage blood sugar levels and prevent spikes and dips. It contains phytosterols that can help treat Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Antioxidants
    Aloe vera is a rich source of antioxidants that can help boost immunity, reduce oxidative stress, and strengthen the body's disease resistance.
  • Oral health
    Aloe vera can promote oral health and help treat certain dental conditions, such as reducing dental plaque.
  • Wound healing
    Aloe vera's antibacterial properties can help heal wounds and treat canker sores.
  • Skin
    Aloe vera may improve skin and prevent wrinkles. It can also help with fungal skin infections.

    Servings Per Jar:   (Third picture on listing shows each jar size) (Cover photo is 16 oz jars)

    4 oz: 2-3 sample size 
    8 oz.:  6-8
    16 oz.:  12-16
    32 oz.:  26-30

    Jars can come in regular mouthed and wide mouthed style mason jars.  

     If you would prefer to have any customization done to your gel, please leave a note or email us and we will be glad to accommodate your request.  These include to ask for sweetened gel, add cinnamon, add ginger, or different flavor combinations.

    Adding organic herbs and powders to sea moss can create different textures, this is completely normal.  


    There is so much bad information out there about sea moss gel, written and promoted by companies that sell their products who have created a false narrative.  There is no FDA oversight on Sea Moss Gel, and we are trying to change that due to the overwhelming number of companies that do things the wrong way.  Here's what set us apart from the bad guys:

    1) IF YOUR GEL IS ARRIVING COLD, IT IS OLD STOCK AND POOR QUALITY!  Most companies can't keep up with how labor intensive making sea moss gel is.  There is no machine that makes it if it's real sea moss, and it has to be made by hand.  Because of this, companies make their stock ahead of time and freeze it or keep it refrigerated.  They pull their orders from this old stock, which means you're getting old gel.  We make ours fresh for your order and immediately ship it.  Since it wasn't cold in the first place, and it's fresh, it just needs to be refrigerated upon receipt.  You will only get fresh and high quality sea moss from us.  

    2)  WE USE REAL WILD HARVESTED SEA MOSS TO MAKE OUR PRODUCTS!  Most companies use wildcrafted, or man-made sea moss to make their gel.  You can tell because their gel is always the same texture.  Real sea moss varies in texture and color, and you will never get the exact same jar of gel twice when real ingredients are used.  We can provide certification to prove we use real sea moss to make our products.  Additionally, to save money most other companies add heat to their sea moss to make their gel which allows them to use less moss to make more gel to increase their profit margins.  Adding heat to sea moss diminishes the minerals and produces a very low quality product.  It creates a consistent thick texture every single time, but it's doing nothing for your health.  We never add heat and keep it pure.  

    Most companies use syrups, dyes, artificial ingredients, and tons of sugar to make their gels taste great.  They lie and say they don't and get away with it because there is no FDA oversight.  We don't do that, and the way you can tell is that it's not going to taste amazing like Welch's Jelly and Jams.  It never should.  Sea moss gel is not supposed to be a tasty treat.  This is the BIGGEST problem in our industry and how we separate ourselves from the competition.  You will feel better taking our gel opposed to others.  

    Join us to help stop the misinformation of sea moss products and to stop the companies who produce a terrible product from doing business.  
    There are some good guys out there, but they are becoming harder to find every day because consumers are falling for the "sharks".  Feel the difference by trying real sea moss.  Know the difference by reading the information contained within our listings.  


    4 oz jars do not have labels because they are too small.  The instructions to take the gel are below: 

    Recommended serving size is 2 TBSP a day.  Store in the refrigerator for up to 1 month, or in the freezer (in a freezer safe container) for 3 months.  Immediately place gel in the fridge or freezer (in a freezer safe container) upon receipt. The sea moss will not arrive cold.  It is packed with non-toxic ice packs to prevent the sea moss from getting hot.  If it arrives over 130 degrees (it's never happened), that would be the heating point that would cause the moss to begin fermentation.  The ice packs keep the moss from getting hot during transit, and it will more than likely arrive at room temperature, in the summer it will be warm.  Sea moss is then refrigerated TO EXTEND THE SHELF LIFE TO 30 DAYS.  Without refrigeration, sea moss will only stay fresh about 2 weeks.  Most companies who sell sea moss gel make their gel in and freeze it or refrigerate it in huge batches and pull their orders from that old stock and ship them.  Once they're cold, they need to stay cold or it will begin to spoil.  We do it the hard way (it's very labor intensive), and make your gel fresh to order and immediately ship it.  This ensures freshness and quality, and doesn't require it to stay cold during the shipping process.  Once you receive it, refrigerate it.  That's when it becomes important to keep it cold for freshness.  There is no concern if your gel arrives warm, that is by design to make sure you get the best gel.  

    Certain sea moss gels have cinnamon and ginger.  Both are organic.  Apple cinnamon, elderberry ginger, and other listings may contain nuts.  Please let us know if you have any allergies so that we can act accordingly.

    Sea moss is not a tasty treat.  Although some of our sea moss products have added fruit or flavors to make it more palatable and people love it, as far as sea moss goes, do not expect that it tastes like a donut or candy.  It doesn't.  Nothing good for you does.  Most people do not take the sea moss in a heaping spoon by itself, however that is the way to get the most powerful punch from the sea moss.  Most people mix their sea moss into a juice, smoothie, tea, etc.  The sea moss is 90% sea moss and 10% fruit (fruit infused gel only).  Fresh fruit is used on all of the flavors that say fresh fruit. Otherwise, it can be a flavoring, syrup, or organic puree to create the gel.  Ingredients can impact the texture of the gel.  For example. fresh fruit creates more of an apple sauce type texture, whereas anything else will create a thicker texture of gel.  Using wild harvested real sea moss can also cause the texture of your gel to vary.  They are going to vary from time to time.

    We make and ship your sea moss on the same day to ensure that you receive the freshest gel possible.  To configure when the gel will expire, take a look at your tracking through USPS to see when the package went into transit.  Because it is shipped fresh, the gel may arrive a little watery.  This is normal because the sea moss is not boiled as explained below in the MORE ABOUT OUR SEA MOSS GEL section.  Gels made with fresh berries tend to be less thick than the others.  This is because the berries react differently to the sea moss than other fruits.  Shake the jars and place them in the fridge which will cause the gel to thicken up.  

    If you choose to freeze your gel, you must freeze it in a freezer safe container.  Use a zip-lock freezer bag or a freezer safe container such as Tupperware.  DO NOT freeze glass with contents inside as the contents expand when frozen and shatter the glass.  We do not replace jars that you've chosen to freeze and they break.  You don't see glass in the frozen food section of a grocery store because of the risk of the glass breaking.  


    Legal Disclaimer:  Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.